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Meet the Gorillas
Come see mountain gorillas, with your own eyes.
Africa's wild side
Explore the wilderness like never before
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A Birder's Paradise
More than 1,000 bird species await you.
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Welcome to Trekking Timmy

Trekking Timmy prides itself on providing the best travel services in East Africa. We work strictly with the best: the best guides, the best hotels, the best restaurants, and the best vehicles for off-road travel.

Our staff have exclusive knowledge of the region’s attractions, history, and geography. They will go the extra mile to give you the best of what’s available. Our services come in two categories: tours & travel and car rental.

a Look at Our Popular Treks

Experience New Places & People – Together

Here is how we Categorize Our Tours. Follow the links to see the related Safari Packages.

Chap Chap

These are your quick IN and OUT tours. From the Day trips to spending a few days in the wild. This is perfect for budget and tight schedules.

Signature Safaris

Sometimes you need to take your time and take in everything. Signature tours are long multi-faceted safaris that are designed to blow your mind.

People & Culture

Experience real African life. From the history and food to the village way of life, buzzing nightlife, and much more, come see for yourself.

Honeymoon Trips

Going on an intimate holiday should be very easy. Our honeymoon and romantic trips make going to any part of the world much more rewarding.

Moontrail Adventures

How can mountain climbing be made better? By doing it when the moon is lighting your path and the bright stars are blessing your night.

Birding Excursions

Birds of a feather flock together. With your binoculars, many birds await you in the open savannah, thick forests, swamps, and mountains.