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With COVID-related Standard procedures in place, Uganda has been open for tourism without any issues or risks. We strictly follow the S.O.Ps to ensure your safety and health while trekking with us. 

Here is the process of passing through Entebbe Airport safely. Covid-19 Entry Procedures at Entebbe

Experience New Places & People – Together

Here is how we Categorize Our Tours. Follow the links to see the related Safari Packages.

People & Culture

Experience real African life.
From the history and food to the village way of life and buzzing nightlife, come see for yourself.

Chap Chap

These are your quick IN and OUT tours. From the Day trips to spending a few days in the wild. Perfect for budget and tight schedules.

Signature Safaris

Sometimes you need to take your time and take in everything. Signature tours are long multi-faceted safaris designed to blow your mind.

Moonlight Adventures

How can mountain climbing be made better? By doing it when the moon is lighting your path and the bright stars are blessing your night.

Birding Excursions

Birds of a feather flock together. With your binoculars, many birds await you in the savannah, forest, swamps, and mountains too.

Honeymoon Trips

Going on an intimate holiday should be very easy. Our honeymoon and romantic trips make going to any part of the world much more rewarding.

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Latest Trek Offers

3 days Bwindi Gorilla trekking experience

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a true rainforest thought to be the most biologically diverse forest in all of Africa, owing

2 days Murchison Falls Experience

Murchison Falls National Park lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles

2 days Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a mixture of African sprawling savannah and woodland vegetation, shady humid forests, sparkling lakes, and

Jinja Excursion

Jinja is renowned as East Africa’s adventure capital and home of the Great River Nile. Built along the shores of

The Adungu Loop Trek

The trek route to be explored in Kampala, this time round resembles a musical instrument locally known as the “Adungu/

Uganda Honeymoon Safari

A honeymoon in the wilderness! Come meet the apes, lions, elephants, giraffes and even the unassuming but delightful weaver bird.

Pride of the Savannah

Visit the famous thundering waterfalls on the world's longest river, the river Nile and enjoy an exhilarating game drive through

The Mystical Mountains of the Moon

This 5 day safari gives you the opportunity to walk where Dian Fossey walked, see the places she saw, and

Diane Fossey Trek

This 5 day safari gives you the opportunity to walk where Dian Fossey walked, see the places she saw, and

Around The Magical Pearl

This 10 day wildlife trek is designed to give you the ultimate taste of Uganda! Breathtaking scenery, endangered species, primate
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Gorillas In The Mist

This 3-day Trek is ideal for the quick getaway from the concrete jungle that is the modern city and will


Trip summary 18 Days Places to visit Mabamba swamp Murchison Fall National Park Budongo Forest Reserve Kibale Forest Bwindi Impenetrable


  Trip summary 16 Days Places to visit Mabamba Swamp Lake Mburo National Park Ruhija Mibwindi Swamp Buhoma Queen Elizabeth

8 Days Birding Murchison Falls & Budongo Forest Reserve

Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest Reserve are rich of birds with a checklist of over 450 bird species
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Zip-lining & Mabira Forest Nature Trek

Located 44km East of Kampala, outside Lugazi Town, Mabira Forest hides one of this region’s best kept secrets— the opportunity
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4 Days Kidepo National Park Wildlife Safari

Concealed in the north-eastern most end of Uganda, at the border between South Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo Valley National Park

7 Days Gorilla tracking & Wildlife Safari

This vast region of thick elevated forest is a true planet of apes, and home to the last surviving population
Early Bird!


This 9 day safari into the primate world is an unbeatable adventure for primate lovers and nature trekkers. If adventure


There is wealth of adventure to be had in both Uganda and Rwanda especially now that tourists are beginning to


Trip summary 13 Days Places to visit Mabamba Murchison Falls National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park Lake Mburo National Park

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