The National Botanical Gardens locally known as “Entebbe Botanical Gardens” by many people is found in the township of Entebbe town, south of Uganda about 21 miles from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda. The garden was established in 1898 on a 40-hectare land with the main purpose of plant introduction from the different parts of the world.

This created diversity in plants to over 25,000 species at one time but we now talk of only about 389 species. It took me a day off my official duty to go to Entebbe and explore the Botanical gardens. My bird-watching started as I walked for a few meters from the main Entebbe road towards the gardens.

At the entrance of the gardens, I was welcomed by this unmusical song with a sound like it was coming from rapid fire. With my birding gadgets of course, I scanned around and landed on this tinny pale brown bird; the Tawny Flanked Prinia waving its tail side by side.

This is a characteristic common with Prinias and they also sometimes hold their tails erect backwards.