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Mabira Ziplining & Forest Nature Trek.

“Zip, Trek and Unwind Through Mabira’s Green Oasis”

Embrace the thrilling bliss as you experience Mabira Ziplining and Nature Trek. Located 44km East of Kampala, outside Lugazi Town, Mabira Forest hides one of this region’s best-kept secrets— the opportunity to shed off your city skin and soar from tree to tree in one of Uganda’s few surviving natural rain forests. Being on this aerial runway in Mabira’s high canopy makes you feel like a monkey in the trees!


Mabira is among the rainforest reserves that are constantly under threat of encroachment by communities and corporations eyeing its rich soils for agricultural activity, or its large trees for timber. The activities on this walking safari take a minimum of 6 hours and will contribute significantly to the preservation of this aged forest. If you need adventure outside the city, doing the Mabira Excursion is the way to go.

The adventure begins with a monkey climbing up to the tall trees where the skyway experts coach you on the dos and don’ts, then let you soar from one tree to tree like a monkey in the wild. After sailing beneath Mabira’s high canopy, we trek its floor, through dense jungle to experience a waterfall few locals know about.
The Griffin Falls is a small set of waterfalls made by a river that runs through the Mabira forest, all the way down to Mukono where it forms the better-known Sezibwa Falls. The trek to this barely known gem goes through dense forest where the keen eye will spot some of the 315+ bird species available in the forest and the usual suspects, the monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Look out for the grey-cheeked mangabey, one of the oldest species of monkey in the world. At the end of the trail, we break off for snacks in the jungle then rest our feet for the final trek.
Our hosts at Griffin Falls Camp take us for a guided trek through village trails neighbouring the forest. Most natives and tourists in Uganda know Mabira only as the great forest you drive through on the way to Jinja. This trek introduces you to the way of life around the forest. You will see some of the villages around the forest, interact with locals, and experience a side of the forest only locals know about.

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