Wildlife Viewing Safaris

Wildlife Viewing Safaris

Wildlife Viewing Safaris: Experience the typical African wilderness- enjoy great wildlife encounters from the big game to small mammals right in their natural habitat on any of our extra-ordinary wildlife viewing safaris in Rwanda. We arrange exceptional wildlife safaris all introducing you to top destinations in Rwanda- we combine the magical encounter of wildlife in savannas and that of the tropical forest.

Favored by its size, Rwanda is rich in wildlife experiences and these can be enjoyed in just 5 days, 10 days Rwanda safaris or more days. Our wildlife viewing safaris offer ultimate encounter of wildlife such as cape buffaloes, leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, antelopes, giraffes, warthogs all in a single habitat, combine this savanna experience with primate encounter in the tropical forests where you get to meet the massive mountain gorillas, common chimpanzees, golden monkeys, etc.

Wildlife destinations in Rwanda

By size, Rwanda is small but it holds unique attractions Africa boasts of. Interested in seeing mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, all the big five game, birds, etc? Rwanda is the right place to be for wildlife viewing safari. There are only 4 National Parks in Rwanda to consider visiting for wildlife safaris, 3 of these are largely tropical rain-forest parks and only 1 (one) is savanna grassland.

The 3 Forest Parks in Rwanda include Nyungwe Forest National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Each of these has its attractions with hundreds of mountain gorillas residing in Volcanoes National Park making Rwanda one of the treasured gorilla trekking destinations in Africa. For chimpanzee lovers, primate safari is worth undertaking to Nyungwe Forest National Park or Gishwati-Mukura National Park.

For enchanting wildlife viewing safaris in the extensive savanna grassland, Akagera National Park is the only savanna park not to miss on your bucket-list of travel destinations in Rwanda. Choose from our wisely selected packages 3 days Akagera to explore huge profusion of wildlife roaming in the extensive savanna grassland, 3 days Volcanoes National Park to stand a chance to view mountain gorillas during gorilla trekking, or go chimpanzee tracking on 3 days Nyungwe Forest combine it with canopy walk, etc.

All our wildlife viewing safaris are flexible and pocket friendly hence giving you an upper hand to realize your dreams. You can go enjoy short wildlife safari- 1 to 5 days or long safaris 5-10 days or more.

Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda is a home to distinct habitats each hosting different wildlife of visitor interest on an African safari. The country’s wildlife not to be missed include the massive mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, Maasai giraffes, leopards, lions, rhinos, crocodiles, hippos, black and white colobus monkeys, l’hoest monkeys, over 700 bird species, zebras, warthogs, etc.

Top Rwanda wildlife viewing safari activities

On Rwanda safaris, here are the top activities to expect to engage in;

  1. Game drives to view the big 5 game
  2. Boat cruise to see mostly aquatic life
  3. Chimpanzee tracking
  4. Golden monkey tracking
  5. Birding
  6. Nature walks
  7. Sport fishing
  8. Helicopter tours
  9. Canopy walk
  10. Hot air balloon safaris
  11. Primate walk, and more

When is the best time to go wildlife viewing in Rwanda?

Wildlife viewing safaris in Rwanda are open all year-round. But, you can have the best of your wildlife viewing safari experience during the dry season- a period known to experience favorable weather and climatic conditions. There is extended dry season running from June to September and short dry season from December till February. These are the recommended seasons of the year for tourists interested in visiting mountain gorillas, game driving in Akagera National Park, chimp tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park and more.