The Colony Loop trek is one of the popular walk trek routes brought to you by Trekking Timmy! This ten-kilometre route captures a very lucrative tourist route and is sure to keep you entertained as you carry along on your journey.

The boundaries within which this trek lies are directly in the heart of the city centre, Kampala. You are probably wondering where the name Colony Loop Trek comes from and we will get to that in a little while from now.

The beginning

The walk will take you anywhere between two to five hours. And as you move, at certain points you will find hawkers selling all kinds of stuff from face masks, roasted bananas(gonja), packed snacks and all types of chewing gum that they decided to generally term as “orbit”

The name of this trek originates from the history of the colonial era in Uganda. The trip you will take was significant of the territory that was primarily British territory in the area.

The black people or Africans were primarily servants or porters who would serve the British colonial masters. As you walk the trail, the story of the colonial era will be recounted and you will get a picture of what life was like.

You will start your trip from the UMA ( Uganda Manufacturers Association) showgrounds, and then from there, you will proceed to the Lugogo bypass. You can take some pictures along your journey but do so at the signal of or after you have asked your tour guide.

The tour guide will also unpack the story of what was then in comparison to what is today. You will notice that because a lot of construction has taken place, some features have changed over time. You will also be told about the architectural styles, as well as the stories of the slums and markets as you go along.

You will then reach Forest Mall, Lugogo, where you can buy a refreshment or get access to a bathroom in case you need it. From here you will take a slightly longer stroll to Kira Road police, and then head to Kamwokya.

Within Kamwokya you will see a market, at some point, then you will also see another shopping mall in the distance (Acacia Mall), and a lot of other activities in the different suburbs as you continue to take your walk.

Are those feet hurting yet? Not to worry, you can take as many breaks as you need to and you can set the walking pace that you are comfortable with.

When you reach the Uganda Museum, you may take a seat or quickly rush in to capture, listen and learn more about the history of this great nation. From there you will proceed to Mulago, which also doubles as the home of the country’s national referral hospital, thereafter you will walk through another ever-busy place day or night, Wandegeya.

You can find several useful amenities in the area such as banks, pharmacies and even a market. From Wandegeya you will head onto Bombo Road, then walk along Kampala Road.

The area is fairly populated so you will walk and occasionally see porters carrying electrical appliances or women selling freshly cooked food and brewed tea manoeuvring speedily through the street.

As you land the plane, you will walk along Jinja Road and back to Lugogo where you will end your trek! Now was that amazing or what?