Visit D.R.Congo

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is arguably Africa’s most complete single country destination.


The decades of instability has left DRC totally unexplored by outside visitors – a fact which is slowly changing as more and more people become interested. Visiting DRC is definitely a feat for the brave but the reward is exceedingly worth it.

From Gorillas, active bubbling volcanoes, thick rainforest, and picture-perfect landscape, Congo is so much more – and that more needs to be explored.

As political stability and general safety keep improving, more people will experience the beauty and wonder that is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Main attractions.

  • Virunga National Park
  • Kahuzi-Beiga National Park
  • Nyiragongo Volcano
  • Kinshasha City
  • Rwindi Plains
  • Mount Hoyo
  • Ituri Forest

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Top Safari Activities

  • Gorilla trekking safaris
  • Bird watching safaris
  • Wildlife viewing safaris
  • Chimpanzee & Bonobo tracking
  • Hiking & Mountain climbing
  • Cultural & community visits
  • Congo river expeditions

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