Once again, Trekking Timmy brings you another exciting chance to explore another region of Kampala city on foot!

Have you ever taken any treks with Timmy before? If you haven’t you can take a look at what the Adungu loop trek and the Colony loop trek entail.

So what is the dog loop trek anyway? For starters, this trek gets its name because the map of the route you will follow looks somewhat like a dog, sitting down! ( You can ask your tour guide to show you.)


The trek extends over a distance of 20 kilometres and the biggest part of the trip will have you walk about 1150masl.

That is the exciting part! It is doable, even for someone that may not be as physically fit! However, because of the distance of the trip, it would be best if you wear a comfortable pair of shoes and clothing that will not quickly make you uncomfortable. You can always set the pace at which you will walk.

Just like you did in the Colony loop and Adungu loop, you will start your trek at the UMA show grounds gate and then walk to the Kampala Jinja highway. From there you take the road and head towards Bugolobi.

As you walk you will see the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You will also walk past a cattle slaughterhouse commonly known as “the Luffula”.

You will then see the Makerere University Business School as you continue along and view at a distance the supermarket known as Capital Shoppers Nakawa.

From the New Port Bell road, you will then join Spring Road where you will see the Bugolobi Market as well as the Bugolobi flats. You will then get back onto the New Port Bell Road from which you will branch off to the Luthuli rise. Before you set foot on this road, you will see a popular hangout spot with several restaurants and a supermarket is known as Bugolobi Village Mall.

From Luthuli rise, you will trek along Luthuli Avenue. This street is quiet and calm. There are some residential houses, offices as well as cafes and small restaurants. This route will lead you all around Bugolobi, from which you will take the Mulwana road, onto the 6th street and the 7th street, leading you to a town called Namuwongo.

The Namuwongo area is a popularly busy area with a lot of activity. From Namuwongo, you will connect to Bukesa road and climb up to Muyenga.

Muyenga is popularly known as the place where the “super-rich” stay so you will have a sight to see and hear stories of where that came from. There are also several residential houses and even cafes where you can sit and relax uninterrupted. You will also be able to see the lake Victoria scenery as you move through Muyenga.

As you wind down your trip, you will loop down to Kiwafu road, then to Ggaba road, through Kabalagala, Nsambya road where you will pass by the Nsambya hospital. ( You can ask your tour guide to show you).

From there, you will walk by Mukwano road then finally back to Access Road which will land you right back onto the Jinja Kampala Highway.

Itching to walk this trek? Me too! So let’s go!