Jinja Excursion

Jinja is renowned as East Africa’s adventure capital and home of the Great River Nile. Built along the shores of Lake Victoria, around the spot where the Nile leaves the lake to begin its long journey to the Mediterranean, Jinja is one of Uganda’s oldest towns and a treasure trove for daring travelers. It has good weather all year round, making it an ideal site for weekend vacations and adventure sports.

This trip is ideal for group tours, solo travelers, couple tours, family tours, or study tours. It comes with a tailored set of activities but these can be customized to your demand. Name your interest and we’ll build a custom itinerary for you.

Activity 1: Zip-lining in Mabira

This excursion begins with Zip-lining in Mabira Forest where you will have your adrenaline tested as you swing high up in the tree canopy like a monkey and have a feel of the bird’s eye from above. We shall then embark on a scenic drive through tea and sugar plantations to Jinja at the source of the Nile.

Activity 2: Canoe Safari on the Nile

Enjoy a canoe ride to the spot where River Nile emerges from Lake Victoria and browse through craft kiosks where you can pick up a souvenir for yourself or a loved one. We return to shore for lunch in the cool breeze of the source.

Activity 3: Reptile Experience

After lunch, we visit the Reptile Zoo to see some of Uganda’s most famous crawlers. We can arrange for you to have a close-up with a reptile of your choice: photos with a giant snake curled around your neck will earn you some serious bragging rights.

Activity 4: Fisheries Excursion

Next, we proceed to Fisheries where you will learn about aquatic life in the Nile and Victoria and see what steps the fish takes before reaching your plate on the dinner table.


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