A trek around Kampala, anyone?

Did you know that you could do more than just ride around in a taxi cab, take a stroll in a tour van, or take a daring trip on the city’s famous fast-moving motorbikes commonly referred to as “boda boda”?

Trekking Timmy introduces your mind to explore the possibility of taking a walk around and through key landmarks, sites and places from which old tales can be retold and rich historical information can be attained. Kampala is a city that bears such places and as a matter of fact, a majority of key place names such as roads, hospitals and streets have their names as a result of the historical connection affiliated to them.

The history of these places is both cultural and colonial; that is to say, from the times before Uganda attained her Independence from British Colonial rule, as well as cultural, concerning the practices and norms that existed among the Ugandan people before, during, or even after the colonial rule era.

We walk through these places with you as the stories are retold and this is sure to take you way back on a trip to the olden days where everything happened. As you walk, you will come across some artefacts that will serve as solid evidence to prove that the tale you are listening to is not just fiction.

You will be able to take some selfies with your friends as you move along, so carry your camera along and make sure that the phone is charged!

The fact that Kampala is a city that is full of life and activity is a reassurance that you can find something to eat, drink or take a break and freshen up if you have to! Stay on the lookout for your property as you trek the busy streets; some people on the streets are friendly but some are not!

If you care for street food, there are plenty of options to choose from ranging from groundnuts, and roasted corn on the cob, as well as the all-time Ugandan delicacy, the rolex! Yes, we eat them, we do not wear them!

Trekking Timmy offers you a variety of routes to choose from for your trek, for example, the mountain trek, the colony trek, the Adungu loop trek, the dog loop trek and so much more. You will have your shoes dusty by the end of the day, but we assure you that what you will get to see and experience is worth it!