The‘Adungu’ loop trek with Trekking Timmy! Sound like the one you would try? Here are some fun facts!

The Adungu loop trek is another one of the exciting walks that Trekking Timmy gives you a chance to experience in fun-filled Kampala city!

First, the trek gets its name because the route is shaped like a local instrument called the Adungu (or Ekidongo/Ennanga) which was originally invented and most commonly used by the Alur people of North-Western Uganda. You could also call it a locally improvised harp.

DISCLAIMER: You will not be seeing any adungu harps on the trip but you can see one at the Uganda Museum while you take the Colony loop. In case you are wondering what that is about, you can read it here.

This trip is advisable for you only if you are fit for a long walk. It is about 15km (approx.9.8 Miles) and can take you anywhere between 4 to 7 hours. Kindly note that if you have some extra time on your hands, you can ask your guide to take you to visit some of these sights and you go along.

You will be intrigued to hear about the history of the ancient kingdoms of the 1800s and the era of the Arab traders. Get ready to listen to stories of the colonial era and the journey to Uganda’s independence.

Keep your eyes open because there is a lot to see! There is a lot to document if you like to write! Just like the Colony loop trek, you set off from the Uganda Manufacturers Association Gate.

As you walk, You will see the Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, the Lugogo shopping mall, the KCCA sports grounds as well as the Lugogo complex stadium where concerts take place, not forgetting Centenary Park. (A Ugandan’s version of a park you would get to sit in and chill from back home. You can ask your tour guide to show you around.)

Along the Kampala- Jinja road highway, you will see the industrial area, the Uganda Management Institute, the Toyota Auto parts warehouse and the British-American Tobacco offices. You will also see the Internal Affairs Offices, the Electoral Commission, a couple of banks like the Bank of Africa and the National Environmental Management Association (NEMA) offices.

You will continue past Cham Towers to Absa Bank bringing you to a place commonly known as “downtown Kampala”. As you walk on Luwum Street, you will see various shops in different plazas like Avemar Plaza and Zai Plaza.

You will continue down to the Old Taxi Park, the Nakivubo Stadium and you will even see the new park at a distance. (You can ask your tour guide to show you Owino Market in case you have some extra time on your hands).

NOTE: The taxis in Uganda are not your regular cabs but instead take the form of minivans. (Your guide will show you.) Cabs are commonly as “special hires” because people often request them on special occasions and sometimes use apps like Uber.

Carrying on, you branch at Mackay Road and next up, Aga Khan mosque. You will walk along Martin Road to Namirembe Road. Here, you will see the Old Kampala Police Station and the Gadaffi National Mosque (There is a minaret from which you can stand and view most of Kampala City, you’ll be delighted!).

Gadaffi National Mosque in Old Kampala

The area from Old Kampala, Mengo and Rubaga is also known to be home to many foreigners in the country like Somali and Eritrean people.

At Namirembe Hill, you will see the Namirembe Cathedral, then go down to Mengo Hospital and in the area, the Rubaga Cathedral and Hospital. The Zaake road will lead you to the Buganda Parliament and the ‘Kabaka Anjagala’ (Luganda equivalent for ‘the king likes me’) road, will be your way to the Buganda Palace. Wait till you hear the story behind the name of this road!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get your ‘comfy’ shoes on and let’s go trekking!