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Kigali City Tour

City Tours

Kigali city tours in Rwanda offer a deep insight into what Kigali has to offer the world. The renowned beautiful and cleanest city boasts of its unique attractions, conducive weather and climatic conditions, distinct cultural heritage and more. A 1 day Kigali city tour is enough for you have to best of Kigali or you can combine a city tour with other exciting safaris such as gorilla trekking to make your stay in Rwanda longer.

City tours are without doubt the best way to begin or end your Rwanda safari tour. You get to experience the lively commercial center of Rwanda- Kigali city during day or at night. There are 3 districts that make up Kigali and they include Kicukiro, Gasabo and Nyarugenge.

Every year, about 1.63 million arrivals are recorded at Kigali Airport and they include mostly international travelers. These come mainly for tourism purposes and other reasons and they spend from 2 days to more days while exploring Rwanda. Safaris in Rwanda often begin and end in Kigali- one of the cleanest, safest and friendliest cities in Africa.

Kigali city was created in 1907 and started as a small colonial out-post by Dr. Richard Kandt. On city tour in Kigali, there are multiple areas to visit today- it is currently one of the developed cities with its own unique attractions.

The attractions/places to visit on Kigali city tour

Kigali genocide memorial

Kigali genocide memorial is one of the must-visit historical sites on Kigali city tours in Rwanda. The memorial center is a burial ground where 250,000 victims of the horrific Rwanda genocide were buried. The 1994 Rwanda genocide was one of terrific events in the world history something Rwandese have vowed never to repeat again. A deep insight into this historic event can be got right on Kigali city tour in Kigali genocide memorial ground.

Kimironko market

A visit to Kigali or Rwanda in general isn’t complete without a taste of its freshly harvested fruits. A visit to Kimironko market is worth your time on Kigali city- have a chance to interact with local residents, purchase some of the products and at end of it all, you would have supported their business. Kimironko market is the biggest market in Rwanda with variety of products available for visitors to purchase.

Kandt Museum

Visit the Kandt museum which used to be a home to Dr. Richard Kandt. He was the first German colonialist to live in Rwanda.

State House museum

The State House Museum also most famous as former presidential palace housed the then Rwandan President- H.E. Habyarimana. Unfortunately, his plane crashed right at the palace compound and this is one of the incidences that triggered the 1994 Rwanda genocide where nearly a million lives were lost.

A visit to the museum allows you have insight into events that resulted into the war and how the then president lived. At the compound, you can even view the wreckage of the president plane.

Ihema Arts Centre

Have incredible treat of Rwandan artists work only at Ihema Arts Center. And for hikers, you can embark on active trek on Mount Kigali/Jali, enjoy the uninterrupted view of the city while on top of the mountain.

Alternatively, experience the best of Rwandan cuisines- visit one of the restaurants or hotels- have a taste of grilled meat, local brochettes or taste the banana beer etc or enjoy the night life- visit one of the lively bars for great entertainment in places such as Mamba club in Kigali or enjoy the unique Intore dances as the energetic Rwandese perform before you. Rwanda is one of the best places in Africa worth visiting to experience unique cultures, traditions and dances.

Places to stay

  1. Kigali Serena Hotel
  2. Radisson Blue Hotel
  3. Marriott Kigali Hotel
  4. Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel
  5. Grand Legacy Hotel
  6. 2000 Hotel
  7. Obumwe Grand Hotel
  8. The Hotel Gorillas
  9. Novotel Kigali
  10. Hotel Butare

Other places to visit on city tours in Rwanda include the National Museum of Rwanda built in 1989 and located in Butare 80kms from Kigali, Kigali Convention Center a 5-star facility in Kigali, Nyamata church, Nyamirambo Women’s Center, visit the Hotel des Mille Collins a historical building which gives insight into the Rwanda genocide of 1994. Tour the King’s palace museum located in Nyanza town and have great learning about the history of Rwanda.