A City That Wakes Up At Bedtime! Let’s talk about a city in East Africa that never sleeps, let’s talk about the lively people and the vibrant energy. Let’s talk about the Crazy Crazy daily nightlife in the city of the glorious Pearl of Africa, Kampala. One might ask themselves, how is it possible to keep the night activities alive and exciting every day of the week? Since 77% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 25, Kampala city is predominantly inhabited and enjoyed by the younger population. Most of these decide to live in and around the city for purposes of convenience in

Once again, Trekking Timmy brings you another exciting chance to explore another region of Kampala city on foot! Have you ever taken any treks with Timmy before? If you haven’t you can take a look at what the Adungu loop trek and the Colony loop trek entail. So what is the dog loop trek anyway? For starters, this trek gets its name because the map of the route you will follow looks somewhat like a dog, sitting down! ( You can ask your tour guide to show you.)   The trek extends over a distance of 20 kilometres and the biggest part of the trip

The ‘Adungu’ loop trek! Sound like the one you would try? Here are some fun facts! The Adungu loop trek is another one of the exciting walks that Trekking Timmy gives you a chance to experience in fun-filled Kampala city! First, the trek gets its name because the route is shaped like a local instrument called the Adungu (or Ekidongo or Ennenga) that was originally invented and most commonly used by the Alur people of North-Western Uganda. You can call it a locally improvised harp. DISCLAIMER: You will not be seeing any adungus on the trip but you can see one at the Uganda Museum

The Colony loop trek is one of the popular walk trek routes brought to you by Trekking Timmy! This ten-kilometre route captures a very lucrative tourist route and is sure to keep you entertained as you carry along on your journey. The boundaries within which this trek lies are directly in the heart of the city centre, Kampala. You are probably wondering where the name Colony loop trek comes from and we will get to that in a little while from now. The beginning The walk will take you anywhere between two to five hours. And as you move, at certain points you will find

A trek around Kampala, anyone? Did you know that you could do more than just riding around in a taxi cab, taking a stroll in a tour van, or taking a daring trip on the city’s famous fast-moving motorbikes commonly referred to as “boda boda”? Trekking Timmy introduces your mind to explore the possibility of taking a walk around and through key landmarks, sites and places from which old tales can be retold and from rich historical information can be attained. Kampala is a city that bears such places and as a matter of fact, a majority of key place names such as roads, hospitals

Kampala before Covid-19 was a city that came to life at night! Kampala is predominantly full of predominantly younger revellers of the Ugandan population and for this reason, the city was known to get loud from the evening hours into the night, and especially on the weekends.   The ‘busyness’ of the city was not only limited to bars and nightclubs, but also other places like restaurants, cinema halls, shopping centres and even places of worship like churches that would have overnight prayer gatherings. Interestingly, the other “unobvious” places that would have large gatherings of people would be the small local restaurants and food stands

Uganda is a birder’s paradise. Over half of all bird species in Africa can be found in Uganda making it the richest African birding destination. Even within the surroundings of the capital city Kampala, you can record nearly 300 species in a day, and all this is thanks to the richly diverse of habitats from the scenic shores of Lake Victoria to the lush forests of the Albertine Rift and the banks of the mighty Nile River. One of the best times for birding is early morning when the birds are feeding. As the day gets warmer, the birds tend to relax in the shade