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The trek route to be explored in Kampala, this time round resembles a musical instrument locally known as the “Adungu/ Ekidongo/Ennenga/ arched harp”. Evident on the map, so is the experience on this trek that you will be walking with notions of style that will be reproducing rhythms for a particular dancing manner as we pave through the numbers, streets and the paved walkways thanks to the Kampala city authorities. These monthly walks we do for fun hold unfold sensual and contingent apprehension of the the various regions within Kampala. Check out our blog “How well do you know Kampala” (

Kampala is famously known for its history that majorly grew bigger in the 1880’s, eventually emerging into the capital city of Uganda, legendarily known as the “The Pearl of Africa”. Initially, it was the seat for the most powerful Kingdom, but later Asian and Colonial influence kicked in leading to the growing populace whose agitations led to independence in 1962. Over the years, Kampala experienced political turmoil until the current government took office and restored safety and harmony in the city; today. Kampala City is among the safest and most peaceful in Uganda is relatively peaceful and safe (Caution: as in any city, vigilance and common sense is the surest way to stay safe).

The Adungu Loop Trek with the head guide lasts between 4 -7 hours, where you see the colourful, vibrant, and friendly populations. Did you know the latest research shows that for every three persons you meet in Kampala, one of them speaks a different dialect? This trek gives you insights on how the natives have diversified the city’s art and architectural legacy. As one intersects through Kampala’s East to the West, and back to the East, be braced to witness the Kampala City play grounds in Lugogo, industrial area, the rich fabric of chiefly vernacular structures, often of character and individual appeal, faith houses, busy streets, taxi park, wholesale businesses, differentiating the Old and New Kampala. The walk is not only for sharing the rich city but we walk for fun and have beverages to excite our travelers.

This trek is a golden opportunity to see the few remaining structures of Kampala’s architectural heritage, because if prevailing developments continue, Kampala’s archectural flame is more likely to be swept away/ disappear. While many old structures are still surviving today, many buildings have notably either been put down or deteriorated to a big extent. You will explore different parts of the city’s landscape; old structures that have been demolished and replaced with “better” ones.


Some Tips You Need To Know

  1. The trek is good for any person above nine years. Incase of any health issues please let the lead guide know.
  2. You are welcome to take pictures but be mindful of security. You are responsible for the safety of your gadgets.
  3. You can carry a litre of water, or promote the small businesses along the trek.
  4. There will be a brief at Red i Lounge at the start of the trek.

Join us as we trek and connect to new friends, but do not stalk them! In case you wish to cancel please inform us in advance as this will affect will affect our preparations.

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