Hi, my name is Tim. I am a Kampala-based travel guide and I'm inviting you to join me this Easter Monday. 2nd April 2018, for a walking tour of Kampala City. The Easter Monday Challenge is 12km hike on a route I call the Colony Loop. Trekking is a fun and easy way to keep fit. It is also the best way to learn your way round the city. The trek will start and end at Red i Lounge in Lugogo (UMA Showgrounds). This road is along Kira Rd. Can you name its location? Everybody knows that Kampala was originally built on 7 hills. Did
Photo Credit: mccrow.org.uk HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW KAMPALA? Some time last year, while I was somewhere in the jungles of Bwindi, I received a strange text. “Tim. I’ve sent something on your email. Check it out as soon as possible.* I had just concluded a 6 hour Gorilla trek on behalf of National Geographic Journeys with G adventures. We had been rewarded with an encounter with a large group of Mountain Gorillas and after the encounter, I was in a high spirits. I was getting ready to cool the day down at the hotel bar. I was in no mood to read mail. It