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3 Days Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth




QENP is Uganda’s most popular tourist destination, located in western Uganda on a 1,978kmsq of land bounded by Ishasha sector to west and Lake Edward to the Congolese boarder, to the north by Kasese and Rwenzori foothills, to the east by Lake George and Kalinzu forest reserve, and to the south by Kigezi forest reserve. The park is mostly consumed with open savannah and some areas with a dense cover of acacia and euphorbia trees but also encompasses large areas of swamp around Lake George, extensive Maramagambo forest in the southeast and the forested kyambura gorge. Lying in an area once affected by volcanicity, the park has got a number of volcanic features that include 10 crater lakes rolling into the green hills, a series of salt water lakes of; katwe, nyamunuka and bunyampaka. Speaking of lakes, QENP is also blessed with two fresh water lakes; Edward and George that are connected by a 40km stretch of Kazinga channel.

The park also embraces a total of 95 mammal species, 10 primate species including the chimps and L’Hoest monkeys, around 20 predators including the spotted hyenas and the side striped Jackal. The elusive semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope found in the papyrus swamp around Lake George and other antelopes, herds of buffaloes and elephants always seen at the shores of the kazinga channel wallowing in mad as well as the hippos staying still in the water as rocks. Above all, there are also the mysterious tree-climbing Lions in the Ishasha sector sheltering from the sun in the fig trees and over 600 bird species. All these and much more will mark your tour days to remember.

What is this for me?

  • Our travels are basic
  •  We do single, private and group tours (Max. 12 pax).
  • Our experienced guides do handle All ages
  • The tour is demanding
  • Duration is three days.
  • We help you design an itinerary and cost a trip to QENP


Day 1: Equator / transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

Day 2: Whole day in Queen Elizabeth national park

Day 3: Tooro palace / transfer to Kampala/air port.

Package Intro

  • Package Duration: 3 Day/2 night
  • Destination: Queen Elizabeth NP
Package Price: $600.00

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