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Timothy Kintu, known to friends as ‘Tim’, or ‘Timmy’, is the founder and CEO of Trekking Timmy. He is a consummate traveler and regularly gives tours to all kinds of destinations in East Africa.

A gifted travel guide, and member of Uganda Safari Guides Association, Tim is a former banker who traded the slick suit for the khaki, to actualize the dream of turning his passion into a thriving business.

Tim’s passion for travel comes from his deep bond with nature and huge appetite for adventure. He loves cars and excursions, cherishes trekking in the wild, is an avid auto-sport enthusiast, and enjoys doing business ventures.

When not running Trekking Timmy, Tim likes to spend time with his kids and increase his knowledge of geography and history; you’ll often find him reading a book or deeply engaged in conversation. He also enjoys helping young people discover their potential.

Early Life 

Timothy Kintu was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. His passion for travel comes from his early years when his family routinely took trips to tourist resorts and travelled round the country.

His father was an ardent fan of auto-sport and often carried him along to racing competitions in distant towns, where Tim would develop a keen interest in cars and auto-sport, but it would be the frequent visits to his grandfather’s home that would sow the seed of his current occupation.

An accomplished hunter and World War II veteran, Tim’s grandfather would take him hunting with his father and brothers, and teach him to track animals and identify various species of small mammals, birds, trees, and plants. It is on these trips that he developed an affinity for nature that would eventually lead him to found Trekking Timmy.

Education and Career

Timothy Kintu comes from a family of entrepreneurs which oriented him in business and gave him his initial exposure. His father ran a famous restaurant from the 80s to early 2000's where Timothy and his siblings worked during school holidays, and it is here that he learnt the value of great customer that would later spur him in his career.

He graduated from Makerere University with a BSC Quantitative Economics. He started out in aviation before joining the banking industry where he had a flourishing career in sales that spanned a decade.

In his free time, Timothy would often take trips to various destinations in East Africa and came to be known to friends and colleagues as a travel expert. Because of his broad knowledge of the country, he often found himself being called to handle trips for delegates and ambassadors from various countries.

While on these trips, he was inspired by the great potential he saw in tourism and eventually quit his job to become a travel operator and make a living out of his passion.

Founding Trekking Timmy

Most people shifting from an office job to start a travel business prefer to start with some less risky and taxing, like booking. Tim did the opposite. He went on guided tours to become acquainted with various destinations, took up courses in birding and guiding, joined the Uganda Safari Guides Association, and offered freelance guiding services to some of the top travel companies in the region.

After four years of freelance guiding, Timothy Kintu finally took up the many recommendations of his happy clients and started Trekking Timmy, thus beginning an adventure which he believes will transform the entire industry of tours and travels in East Africa.


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